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Spray painted aluminum is pretty much as strong as powder-covered aluminum and anodized aluminum on condition that the paint is applied appropriately. On the off chance that you need to change the shade of your aluminum windows and entryways, the solitary arrangement is paint on the grounds that the units will be incorporated into your property. We give an expert aluminum spray painting administration in Dubai. We’ll go through the toughness concerns individuals have beneath.


Chipping happens when the paint lifts from the aluminum. This happens when the paint isn’t adequately clung to the metal. The main source of this is inappropriate readiness of the metal surface or a mistaken preparing stage.

The paints we use require no groundwork. Our paints bond with the metal and the primary coat goes about as the preliminary. We likewise carefully plan surfaces for painting. We have never needed to fix a chipping issue since we take extraordinary consideration.



The principle concern you presumably have in regards to painted aluminum is that the paint is milder than the metal and bound to scratch. While the paint is gentler than the metal, the paint is showered on thick enough to oppose scratching.

We spray paint three coatings of paint. Our aluminum paint is the best European quality manufactured specifically for the Middle Eastern region. It is defined for high scratch opposition. We bunch test every one of our paints on receipt of conveyance. Our quality control is the awesome the business.


Staining happens when bad quality paint is presented to daylight. This isn’t an issue with our paints since they are figured for Dubai’s environment. Notwithstanding, paints that are not figured for extreme UV openness can stain in Dubai.

At the point when discoloration happens, light paints will in general turn yellow. Paint may change quickly or gradually over the long run. Dubai’s environment has extraordinary UV which implies we need to utilize uncommon paint with high UV assurance.

Scraped area

Scraped area happens when a harder material scratches against another and erodes the surface. For instance, when you sand lumber, this becomes a scraped spot. The paints we use are profoundly scraped spot safe against typical mileage. For significant serenity, we give a 5-year ensure on the entirety of our spray painting work, barring coincidental harm and defacement. This is an assurance of value and we guarantee up to 10 years or more longevity.

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